Yearbook Drop Box

Drop Box for Wildnerness Youth Project


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Please Take Note

The size limit on uploads is 1 TB (1000 MB). Uploading may take a while depending on your connection speed. Once your upload is complete, you should see a message confirming a successful upload. Do not close the window or navigate away from the page until you see the success message. You can safely continue browsing in other windows or tabs.

Not every photo that is put in the drop box will go into your yearbook. Because of the huge numbers of photos we recieve, as well as the thousands we take ourselves at your school events, only a small percentage of photos will fit into the yearbook. Photos are chosen at our discretion based on quality and variety. Check out our Photography Guide for instructions and tips on how to take good yearbook photos.

By uploading your photos to our drop box, you give explicit permission for us to use your photos for any application specific to your school including but not limited to the annual yearbook, signs and posters for school events, fund raising, brochures. Your photos will only be used for purposes directly related to the yearbook or your school.


1. Enter Email

We would like your email so that we can contact you in case we have issues with your photos.

2. Choose the Category

Use the drop-down menu that allows you to choose the category (event or class) to which your photos belong. If you have photos from multiple categories, please upload each set separately. Example...

If the event you are uploading photos for isn't on the list, choose "Other" and write a brief description. Example...

3. Choose Files to Upload

If you have only a few photos to upload, click the "Choose File" button and select your first file. Another button should appear for your next file, and so on.

If you have many photos to upload, zip them into a single file first, then upload the zip file. This will save you a lot of clicking! Tell me how to zip files...

4. Upload Your Files

You've done all the heavy lifting, now just press the Upload Photos button. Don't close the window or tab until you see a message telling you the upload is complete.